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Belbin Team Roles Assessments and Reports

Full Service Do it Yourself
All you need to do is submit an order. Our staff will manage the process for you. We will ask you to provide the email(s) for the person or people you want reports for. Then we will contact each person and his/her observers, send reminders if needed, and generate the final report. The final report(s) will be sent via email.belbin $85 After submitting an order, you will be sent a link via email that allows you to manage the process yourself. You can log into the site at any time to start reports via email (you will need to enter an email address for each individual), check progress, and send reminders. From the master account page, you can generate the reports yourself.belbin $55

Belbin Team Roles Training and Accreditation

Becoming an accredited Belbin Team Roles specialist teaches you groundbreaking team development knowledge and resources ideal for your workplace or clients. You’ll learn how to apply Team Role theory to develop top-performing teams and improve individual and team effectiveness—a vital skill in today’s uncertain economic climate.

U.S. Training Opportunities Small Group Training at Your Office
Come to an accreditation session lasting 2 days. This package includes:

  • Private coaching
  • Your own Belbin Team Roles report
  • Accreditation through two Belbin exams
  • Pre-session reading

Our training package includes the materials and assessments listed.

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If you have a small group (4-6 people) that would like to be accredited, we can come to you.We offer our 3-day accreditation and training program (Belbin profile, exams and books included) wherever you work.

Contact us for our Team Roles training schedule and pricing.

Belbin Team Roles Workshops

Team Roles workshops familiarize you and your team with the benefits of Belbin.

Introduction to Belbin Workshop
A one-day workshop, run by our facilitators, designed to introduce your team to the advantages of working with Belbin Team Roles.Contact us for our team development workshop schedules and pricing.